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Eline del Prado
Posted on April 8, 2021

Personalised interactive video for customer-oriented debt collection

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In an era where we can freely discuss nearly any topic, financial problems remain taboo. Whether it’s a large debt or simply a forgotten payment, people prefer not to talk about it; even with one million Dutch people currently in debt.

It’s difficult for organisations to narrow the factors that lead to non-payment.  Some customers may have simply forgotten to remit a payment while others will be able to pay at a later date. Some face greater financial trouble and need help paying off their debt.

Outstanding invoices create a dilemma. Organisations want everyone to pay on time, but they also want to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. Many companies also want to catch debts sooner to prevent their customers from spiralling into a worse situation.

To make the collection process both more efficient and more customer-oriented, an increasing number of companies, like Eneco, use a combination of interactive and personalised video.  The following four techniques have enabled Eneco to improve their customer experience as well as decrease the average time it takes to receive payments.

Make it personal

Customers are first informed that their payment is late in the form of an interactive and personalised video. In the video, Eneco uses data they have at their disposal, like the customer’s name and the outstanding amount.

Instead of sharing a generic explanation, viewers are shown information tailored to their account. This way, they know exactly how much they owe and the best way to move forward.

Since financial information is such a sensitive subject, Eneco ensures that viewers receive a unique video that can only be viewed by the recipient.

Encourage immediate action

Eneco shows viewers the exact amount due and then allows them to take immediate action. They can make an arrangement to pay in several instalments or pay the amount directly through a connection with iDeal.

There’s also an option to indicate that you’re unable to pay the outstanding amount at this moment and that you need help. This button opens up a chat with Enenco, offering immediate assistance. When overdue payments are caught early on, it’s easier to keep financial problems under control.

Eneco utilised A/B testing to find out what works better: an email with a personal video or an email with text alone. The test showed that 83% of recipients start the video and that the mail with personalised video results in 30% more payments and payment arrangements than the mail with just text.

Accessibility matters

In the event of a late payment, a letter or email is normally sent that states the overdue amount. But this information isn’t always clear to the recipient: Research by SchuldenLabNL shows that a large portion of the target group, around 64%, has either a mild mental handicap, is low-literate, or has some other concern with their mental health.

To ensure that communication about bills is clear, Eneco uses an animated video to explain the consequences of unpaid bills and the steps the viewer can take. The video presents the information to the viewer in several ways: text, sound and image. This makes the information easier to understand, as the human brain processes visual information 66 times faster than textual information.

Not all customers speak the same language. While it’s possible to send letters or emails to customers in their own language, it’s difficult to execute correctly.  By using an interactive video, you can offer the same information in multiple languages.

Eneco only needs to create one video, which is then made available in a variety of languages. This can be done by adjusting the audio tracks, subtitles and the text in the buttons. The player can even recognise which language is required and automatically set this for each individual viewer.

Optimise customer experience

No one wants to talk about late payments--in a perfect world, customers would always pay on time and the collections process would be a thing of the past.  Since that’s not the world we live in, it's critical to make the payment process as simple and clear as possible.

One way to do this is to keep communicating with customers in an accessible and personal way. With a personalised interactive video, information is conveyed in a way that’s easily understandable and addresses customers directly with the most relevant information.

A good relationship with the customer ultimately leads to increased loyalty and better payment behaviour. Customer experience is therefore very important in the collection process.

More information

Communicating about overdue payments remains a difficult subject, yet personalised interactive videos help to address this issue. Customers quickly learn where they stand and how they can move forward, while the communication remains personal and clear. Are you curious about a case study? Please contact us.

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